(band members murmuring and warming up) – When you see the note,
don’t just guess at the note, or play through it, Finger your note, before
you actually produce it. See if you can do that today. On five. One, two, three, four. (Mii Channel theme music) (band stops playing) I can honestly say I
have never ever, ever, had it happen to me before. (band members laugh) – What’s good, people? It’s the one X. And what you just saw
was some students from the Liberty University Wind Symphony pranking their director. Basically what they did is, well, I don’t know how they did it. I don’t know if they were sight reading or if they practiced it, but basically they were playing the
Mii channel theme music, instead of what the director
directed them to play. Or what the director thought
they were going to play. And it’s just hilarious, it’s hilarious. As you saw, the guy
looks completely shocked and baffled like, what,
what the hell is going on? Why, why is this completely
different music than what they are supposed to be playing? He walks over to one of them and actually looks at their sheet music like hold on, am I tripping right now? It’s hilarious! And shouts out to all
of the students there. I don’t know how you guys pulled that off. Again, I don’t know if
you guys practiced this. I don’t know if you guys
were just sight-reading. If you were just sight-reading,
you did a really, really good job. But yeah, it totally
brought back the feels. It totally brought the feels to me. The Mii channel music, of course, is a throwback to the Nintendo Wii. It’s one of those tunes, that if you had a Nintendo Wii, you just
know it off the top. It’s like the Mario tune. Just one of those songs that just never really leaves your brain. But yeah it was really, really dope. This was posted by Drewby1919 on Twitter. I’m guessing he’s one of the students. I will link his Twitter
in the description below. Definitely show him some love. Anyway, I just wanted to
share this with you guys. Let me know what you think
in the comments below. Does that Mii channel
music give you the feels, like it gives me the feels? What did you guys think of this? How would your orchestra director feel if you just played something
completely different? I feel like the guy handled
it really, really well. ‘Cause I know there’s some
directors out there that are kinda sticklers or whatnot, probably would have got
pissed off or something. (laughing) He handled
it really, really well. So shouts out to him as well. Yeah this was so dope! Thank you for watching Crazydopetastic. Feel free to support
this channel by buying some Crazydopetastic merch! Link is in the description, and also feel free to join the lunatics over on Patreon where your support helps me make more content like this. Oh yeah, and remember, Remember! To stay crazy. Peace! (electronic music)