#Badr-Hari تنفيد الوعد في اقل من تلات دقائق

as you may or may not know my friend
buddy already declined the MMA fight with me so I’m just waiting for any of
your other fighters to step up and man fight you’re always water thanks very
much I know a lot a place if you like to
respond I had a fight with Alistair Overeem like everybody knew he won that
fight it’s strange for us escape boxers that this guy wins from two strong guys
in the k1 he did a good job so good thing for him but if you get through the
first fight against Dixie era then I promise that he won’t make it to until
three minutes in the kickboxing ring with me this time is finally happening
nobody thinks it’ll go the distance few people think it’ll get out of the first
round butter yesterday at the press conference said to Alastair if I meet
you in the semies I promise you will not last three minutes with me Michael
Civello race ever and my golden weekend who will
draw first blood it’s butter hurry Harry’s put a maintain his composure
he’s got to keep his cool he cannot afford a brain explosion like in last
year’s final against Freddie bum Jeske there’s the right hand from gotta go
sleep on a box a little bit more use that jab a little bit very moody
it’s gonna keep his chin down as he comes forward oh bream is just an
absolute monster I’m just we drop them to the ground
vada hasn’t flung the legs in which surprises me
favor and get lunch you made the butter returns the favor that sent you in here
you could cut it with an electric toothbrush in his electrifying body
shots buddy we began from hurry off the
righthand okay so let’s tear setting himself checks the low kick Ellison body
shot from butter the one he used to knock out Sal big seminoff in one round
in the final 16 they just see butter actually go for an uppercut throw that
jab down Center fast come back of the aperture buoys corner man right hand
from Eber emoney rose into the turnbuckle wrestling style the very
needs to step in and stop this because this is to step in that’s gonna be patient wake up there
jack he’s gotta be patient he’s gotta be
patient but it needs to be patient go back to check basic stuff keep it basic
this is incredible 55 seconds to go we’re gonna see it but I gonna find a
witness for sure hold on wait a minute let me put some minutes I mean he stayed
composed and he still delivered on his countless trials