Ozzy Man Reviews: Cricket Nut Shots

3… 2… 1… Right in the balls! The Pakistani batsman says sorry not sorry as Cartwright tries not to vomit everywhere. He checks if he still has a dick. You can really understand why this position is called silly point. You’d have to be fucken insane to be passionate about fielding here. Here comes a fast bowl, oh he’s hit […]

Conklin Hall Tour

hi my name is Kaylee Kovach and we’re in Conklin Hall this is our front desk this is where you can check out items for the ping-pong table and the kitchen this is also where you would check in if you come in after midnight away you could also check a guests and there’s also someone here all the time […]


the second to last set the game’s pretty lets see if ebby can beat me im beating you by a few points could get a spare nope, thats a gutter ball. gutter ball. gutter ball. guteteterrterr she gutting the ball she’s got a fifty four, oh I’m definitely beating you right now. unless i get zero on this last one […]

The Pink Painter Show | Pink Panther and Pals

(doorbell rings) (door creaks) (aristocratic music playing) ♪ ♪ (pops, sputters) (laughing) (chuckles) (curtains thud) (dance music playing) (humming) doink! (coughing) (straw rustles) HUH? (chuckling) (chuckling) AAH! (broom creaking) crash! (groaning) (light switch clicks) (spotlight buzzing) (banjo music playing) (humming to music) ♪ ♪ (light bulbs shattering) (fire crackling) (whimpering) (blowing) AAH! AAH HA! ding! (groaning) OH! (hook clanks) (straining) […]

Easiest Bowling Cake EVER!

hi Amanda van der Gulik here from fun cake decorating ideas and today I’m gonna show you the easiest bowling cake ever I needed to make a bowling cake for a bowling club that I was on and I didn’t have much time so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time making the cake I happen to find […]

Dude Perfect Go Kart Soccer | FACE OFF

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of… *Dramatic sound effects* Is that supposed to go aren’t all going lower, yeah *Bass Intensifies* Woah! Wow! *Excessive Bass* We’ve got a great face-off today Go Kart Soccer Gonna be a lot of fun need four competitors, one announcer. Everybody will be used today. Team 1 Ty Wow and my partner on […]