Annoying Orange Plays – GTA V: Buttman’s Got Moves!

(loud laughter) – [Presenter] What they go back, it was another game video. Guess what brought butts back? What do you guys rolling
around on the girders for? What’s going on? Wow, wow, wow. That was a lot further down than I thought it was gonna be. Oh oh, buttman can’t have kids anymore. – Hey. – [Presenter] Hey, hey’s for horses. Hey, hey, hey how’s it going? Why are you following me, get away. (loud explosion) That’s what you get, that’s
what you get for following me. Trying to catch my butt, Buttman. Should have figured with a name like that. (loud laughter) Hey, where you guys going? Why’s everybody screaming? – Find me.
– [Presenter] Rabbit Pothair. – Bless you. (loud laughter) – [Presenter] Why Buttman,
why are you shooting the other Buttmans in the butt? You’re the Buttman maniac, you
don’t shoot the other butts till I tell you shoot the butt. Now I could shoot your butt. Super-secret butt-shot surprise. Wow, double explosion,
all the way, so intense. Walking and talking, Buttman’s-a-rocking. Wow, look at that view, Buttman. Look pretty good. Who’s screaming? You realize you have to
have a screaming license if you wanna scream out here. Those are the rules, I
totally didn’t make them up just now. Up close and personal with Buttman. Buttman, I can see your nosehairs. I feel like you’re way too close to me. You’re gonna give me pink eye, get away. (loud laughter) How do I get down from here? Why are kids falling works,
what the heck is going on? Why is there a train car
rave in the middle of this building structure? What’s happening? (loud laughter) This is not the kind of rave
that I wanted to go to tonight. It’s a bit of a buttman sausage party. There’s a few too many train cars dancing on the dance floor. (loud laughter) That’s how you deal with
the dancing dance cars. Train cars, what? Drinks me apple juice. There’s something on your
butt, let me get it, got it. (loud laughter) And your entire butt
too, sorry about that, that’s alright. Oh wow, did you see that spin? That was good. Did you see that moves? ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ You like to move it I’ve never seen buttman
have so many graceful moves, that was incredible buttman. (loud laughter) You just rode it out buttman. I was just saying how graceful you look. Okay, this is not graceful at all. In fact, this is probably
the least graceful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. (loud screaming) That looks like we got a ways to go. Go limp Buttman. Go limp, stop screaming. You’re the one that jumped
out of the egg like a dingus. Yeah, that’s right. Angle your butt upwards so
you don’t land on your ketchup packets that are in your pocket. Look up buttman, no get your butt up. – Turd. – [Presenter] Ya right, turd. Nice moves, buttman. ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ You like to move it Let’s just say you’re never
gonna make a great gymnast buttman. Oh oh, secret butt shot surprise. (loud laughter) I think I could sort of ride his butt and his whole body. What the– Now that those are some
good moves, where you going? Look at those moves. ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ You like to move it Sorry to tell you, buttman. But the buttman mini has
better moves than you. Look at you, you can’t
even stand on the ledge. (loud laughter) Buttman, you need to work on your moves. Someone just strapped me in the groin. Is that a naked person in the window, I think there was someone changing. Luckily, I didn’t smash my
ketchup packets this time either, I’ve been pretty good about
protecting my ketchup packets. Excuse me, super secret rocket
launcher butt shot surprise. Wow, try and say that five times fast. Super secret rocket
launcher butt shot surprise. Super secret rocket
launcher butt shot surprise. (loud laughter) Stupid building, who put a building there? Explosion time. That’s the attack of the alien train car, they keep smashing me. They’re falling from the
skies, what is happening? Buttman will help you. Granted it’s gonna be after
I shoot you in the behind, but I’m still gonna help you guys. Hey guys, grab a seat, everyone
here has a rocket launcher. You have reported for
duty in the correct way. We’re getting in the other
side of the city, let’s go. Come on buttman. Yeah, getting them blind moves going. You’re so graceful. Buttman, what you’re doing
is a lot less than flying and a lot more like falling
and hitting yourself in the groin. Is that a fire hydrant? There we go, fixed it, better. Can’t believe anybody would
put a fire hydrant there, that’s crazy. Doesn’t this game know
that me and fire hydrants have a long, checkered past. Mortal enemies we are. Okay, let’s try this– (loud laughter) Buttman Okay guys we’re gonna
play a game of hot potato but with a grenade, so
it’s gonna be hot grenade. Hot grenade, catch it. Oh you didn’t catch it. You guys don’t understand
how to play hot grenade. You gotta catch it and
throw it to the next person. Okay here buttman, buttman,
I’m gonna give you a grenade. Hold on, grab it, grab it, you missed it. No, you don’t jump off yet. Buttman, ah no. I’m doing a little– Do you see that little jig? That guy just went off the edge. What does he have? No don’t walk so close
to the edge, buttman. You’re leaning. Hot grenade, you just missed it. No don’t jump off yet. (loud laughter) No one knows how to play this game. Everybody’s got the moves though. Look at that, look at
that, yeah, yeah, yeah. Flying backwards into the parachute, oh so patriotic, yeah. ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ You like to move it Hey buttman, super secret rocket
launcher buttshot surprise coming out now. I missed your butt. I think I just hit it right at the car. I didn’t do it, and it was like that when I found it, I guess it wasn’t like
that when I found it, cause it never existed in the first place. Hey come back sir, I wanted to give you a few butt shot. I know it’s really cold in the rain, so a nice rocket launcher
that will help you. (loud screaming) Hey, I could feel the
air on my dairy hair. Hey, watch the language buttman. I know you’re frustrated
at your own dance moves, but hey there’s no reason
for that kind of language. Stop getting angry and
just get better at dancing and moving and walking and
flying and pretty much anything else that you do because
you’re not doing it very well. (loud explosion) See you’re putting your hand in the butt, you just hit it right in another car, which is pretty cool, but still you didn’t
hit the guy in the butt. Alright, it’s my time for fly time. Yeah, let’s get going buttman,
we gotta work on your skills, your plants getting out too. (loud laughter) It’s not my fault there
was a palm tree in the way. One of the palm thorns
has got in his eyes, so he couldn’t move. He couldn’t see where he was going. Alright, buttman, let’s move this. No, get flying. Buttman. Soaring through the breeze,
my feet smell like cheese. Buttman, oh great, now
you smash more of your ketchup packets. Back to McDonald’s we go. Here we go, now you’re doing it. Oh no, no, you’re going down, no, no. Okay, he just loves to headbutt concrete, that’s what buttman does. He sees concrete, he’s like
“I gotta headbutt that,” so that’s all he was doing. It wasn’t because he’s
completely ineffective at flying. (loud laughter) Yeah, that’s not how you do
it, but that was pretty cool. Hey, welcome to the 15th
annual buttman holiday party. How you guys doing today? Well you guys look like
you’re playing crazy. Who’s moving this plane? Who’s driving the plane,
am I driving the plane? Oh whatever, okay everybody
on the plane what? Alright, who’s exploded the plane? Now you all get buttshots. Free buttshots for everybody. Ain’t no party like a buttshot party, cause a buttshot party never stops. Oh, who’s throwing airplanes at me? They’re playing crazy. (loud laughter) This is a weird episode. What was that? You spun on the plane and
then you fell on the floor. Great moves. ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ I like to move it move it ♫ You like to move it Sorry to tell you buttman, but no one would ever accuse
of you of being graceful. Alright guys, well I think
that’s enough for this episode. It’s been another butt episode
of buttman falling in the river and then hitting
his head in the concrete, and then spinning around like a goofball. Oh okay, that will do that. Okay, whatever. Make sure if you like to hear us, subscribe to us. (mumbles) Most popular
video on the internet because it’s always so good. It’s got buttman. Of course, see you next time. Exploded, later habitators. Look out buttman, all good, nice landing. (funky music)