3 X Factors 49ers Players Playoffs (2019-2020)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, talking about the San Francisco 49ers
as always. Going to be going over the 3 players, x-factors
I believe are very important for this playoff run 2019-2020. These are players that I believe if something
happens last second. If there’s anything crazy going on in the
final minutes of a game ,then I believe these players they’re going to be the ones that
will be very important. Hopefully they do step up in those moments. So yep. Going to get the video started. Should be a fun one. Hopefully you guys do enjoy this video. We mention guys like Jimmy Garoppolo. We mention George Kittle, Richard Sherman,
those guys, but these 3 players in my opinion, they’re going to be very important if it comes
down to something last second. Going to get the video started, but before
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and yeah. Let’s just get this started. 49ers Top 3 X-Factor players for the playoff
run 2019-2020. Number 3 in my opinion is going to be Ben
Garland center. I think he’s going to be an important part
of anything for the whole game and just anything crucial last second for Jimmy Garoppolo if
he was making a last drive just because of the fact 1, he’s the center. He snaps the ball to Jimmy Garoppolo. Two, he’s the most inexperienced guy of the
whole offensive line. Everyone looks pretty much in sync like Joe
Staley, Mike McGlinchey, Laken Tomlinson, Mike Person who should be making his return,
but Garland. He’s had an up and down year ever since Weston
Richburg went out in the game against the Saints. I don’t know what to make of it to be honest
with you. He’s had nice moments, but at the same time,
he has had missed snaps. He has gotten a couple plays beaten up by
him by defenders and what have you, but you know I guess he’s new to the whole center
thing. He has to try to get into the rhythm of things. I’m pretty sure this bye week is going to
really hone his skills and what have you and I’m expecting him to have a pretty good performance
for the rest the way. Hopefully all way to the Super Bowl. Garland out of the whole offensive line, I
think he’s the most important one in my opinion just because of the fact 1, he’s snaps the
ball to Garoppolo 100% of the time and two, he is the “most inexperience guy” in that
whole line because everyone’s been available for the most part all year long, except McGlinchey
and Staley. They’ve been out for 4 to 6 weeks early on
in the season, but now they’re getting back in the groove. It’s looking really good. Garland, he has to step it up big time and
I believe if it comes on the last second stuff. If it comes down to Jimmy Garoppolo making
a big play and what have you, he’s going to be the man to block and what have you. They always say games are won in the trenches
and he’s the big guy for it. So hopefully Garland he has a good performance
in this whole playoff run and yeah. He’s my number 3 x-factor for this whole playoff
run. Number 2 in my opinion is going to be Dre
Greenlaw linebacker. He made the big save to help us win the NFC
West. Clinch number 1 seed in the playoffs against
the Seattle Seahawks. I expect him to have bigger plays in the playoffs. He has some nice things going on with him. Nice tackling. Being able to just get around the field what
have you. Having Kwon Alexander should definitely benefit
us when he comes back, but having Greenlaw take it in and doing everything he can as
a rookie, he’s done a really good job in my opinion. He hasn’t made too many mistakes. He has a couple of penalties and what have
you, but he’s made some really nice plays. Two of which against Seattle. The mentioned stop. The save, whatever you want to call it and
also the interception in overtime when we played them the first time around. Likes to make plays against Seattle, which
is a good thing, which we probably might be ended up playing next week in the divisional
round, but anyways. Greenlaw, very important along with Fred Werner
and I believe if it comes down to something last second like in week 17, then I believe
he’s going to be the guy to make a stop. To get an interception and what have you. He’s a big x-factor in my opinion in terms
of everybody in a defensive position. I was going to mention somebody like Nick
Bosa, DeForest Buckner and them, but I’m pretty sure you guys know by now they’re important. So Greenlaw, I think he’s an important outside
linebacker for the 49ers. He should be doing something well for the
playoffs. Hopefully by the divisional round to the Super
Bowl. Number 1, the biggest x-factor for me in this
whole playoff 2019-2020 is definitely Deebo Samuel wide receiver. Want to talk about him a little bit because
man, he’s had a really good rookie year. Him and AJ Brown for the Tennessee Titans,
those two have been battling out as best rookies for wide receivers. Couldn’t go wrong with either of them. I did want AJ Brown in the second round definitely
in the draft earlier this year, but I’m definitely happy with Deebo Samuel. He’s done a really good job in San Francisco. Richard Sherman as you all know, he called
him fearless. So he’s doing something right if Richard is
giving you the high marks of fearless. He is a physical wide receiver. He can get at you. He can do gadget plays. He can catch the ball as a wide receiver. I mean he could do everything pretty much. Shanahan, he does like his receivers running
routes. He could do almost anything you ask of him
to do and I expect to be a really top big receiver for the 49ers for the next couple
years. So Samuel very big important part of the 49ers
offense. I think he’s a big x-factor just because of
the fact of all the plays that he runs. He can run the ball. He can go 4th and 2. Punk Marcus Peters like the game against the
Ravens and what have you. He can just do everything that you ask of
him to do and Jimmy Garoppolo he’s having a big rapport with him big time this year
along with Emmanuel Sanders. The wide receiving corp, they’re getting in
the hang of things. Emmanuel Sanders as we all know, he’s a reliable
dude. Kendrick Bourne when he has hands, he’s one
of the great 3rd down receivers and also red zone guy. Him and Richie James when they let him play,
I think is very important as well. Dante Pettis, he’s kind of in the doghouse
to be honest with you. He has been really playing anything. Maybe they can activate Jordan Matthews from
the whole active roster thing because they’re not using Pettis at all or also they could
activate Jeff Wilson the running back because if we need to get a big yard touchdown in
the end zone, he’s a big guy for that. Deebo the way that they use him in the offense
of everything. Not just as a wide receiver, but also as a
running back, I think that’s a big x-factor for the 49ers and he makes big plays. That is the big guy that I’m looking for to
in this playoff run and hopefully he does well as a rookie. That’s it guys. This is a pretty quick video. Just wanted to go over some guys that I think
are very important that we don’t much as much as like Jimmy Garoppolo or what have you,
but I think these guys they’re going to be very, very good and very important for this
whole playoff run. Please let me know who you guys got as x-factors
for this whole playoff run for the 49ers. I’d like to hear you got to say in the the
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