29th National Veterans Wheelchair Games: Bowling

29th National Veterans Wheelchair Games:  Bowling

My name is Enrique Flores. I’m from Miami,
Florida. Bowling is a regular singles tournament. You basically bowl 3 games, and they take
your total number of pins for the total of 3 games. The overall winners win the gold,
silver and bronze (medals). I’ve been bowling since I was 12, and I haven’t really bowled
since I got injured, which was 11 years ago today. Believe it or not. I just started bowling
from a chair about 2 years ago. So, I’m actually re-learning everything. I practice a little
bit, but when you have kids, especially during the summer, it doesn’t work. Basically, I
love it. Basically travelling. You get to see the country. You get to see other states,
meeting new people, meeting old friends. So, it’s a blast. Even though it’s very competitive,
it’s also fun. You actually cheer on your own opponent, which is not really seen in
other tournaments. Philip Kearney from Dayton, Ohio. You just
bowl 3 games and whoever gets the highest in the category that we’re in – the disability
category – the highest 3 get medals. We practice our field events, the javelin and the shotput.
But bowling, no. It’s a one time thing for me. Yes, once a year. This keeps me going.
I come to these events ’cause I like meeting the other guys and talking to them, and stuff
like that. Watching the other Veterans do their thing. I don’t know, it keeps me going.
What else can you say, really, other than that? I have fun at them all the time, especially
when I flip. But yeah, I mean, it’s fun and it keeps all of us really going. It keeps
us alive.