2018 – Entry Level Balls – Storm, Roto Grip & 900 Global

[Music] hey storm fans mark buffa here from boot for distribution with 900 and chad mclean from storm glad to have you today we’re going to talk to you guys about all the entry-level stuff from the store brands so chad talk to us a little bit about you know the staple in the tropicals to start colors coming out we got this purple charcoal which is pearl again alright let’s go get my arm workout in today this is our second rendition at a hybrid which is a follow up to our ever popular one of our best-selling entry-level balls the tropical cherry black yeah so this expands the line just a little bit more gives us a little bit color options for people that aren’t that could go man male or female honestly they look great and anyone’s hang up so a little bit of a logo teams now it’s been almost a year right right yeah we could update your logo something a little bit more eye-catching and it looks good it goes with the ball goes with the things so you know it’s a product that your final most in every shop it’s been around for ages good performance for the price and let me smell great right there’s the some of the best months we sync the best fragrances I like the birthday cake that’s one of my favorite talk to us about the new batch up black crow yep yep original match it has the same inner weight block shape all we did on this was increase the density of the slug on the bottom which increases the total differential so we’re gonna get a little bit more clear potential a bit more back in on this on the matchup series versus the original matches well what’s unique about this one is that this is our first matte finish mat matchup bowling ball so it’s a school of paralyze bow so but it has a finish we did a lot of testing on history testing 3 4 2 1 500 and ultimately settled on 2,000 to give us enough spread between the other two matchups available on the side yeah one of the first things I said when I saw it on the table I was like oh I didn’t expect it to be with a matte finish so again giving you great performance bang for your buck check it out next up let’s talk a little bit about the mix Thanks I love me a good mix I have fireball speed which is where these types of balls thrive because you throw it a little harder and you have like a polyester type of all chances are depending on where you track these balls are built top rate these they’re meant to take abuse aim that go straight as an arrow yeah so again if you’re looking for a great you know spare button a little bit a little bit more money for or the worth of all that’s holy work but but totally worth is going to last you a little bit longer the mix is a great option for your spare game urethane comfort long-lasting and still go straight as an arrow like you said but for those purists that absolutely want a polyester ball Rihanna’s now have it we got your back we got your back with the storm ice the ice was always a great-looking spare but it’s all about us and you know I’m glad that you guys brought it back you know from yesteryear and to this day so pretty cool stuff so you can strike a ton with the storm stuff and you can you know strike for the show spare for the doing all your spare right so this is why you need you know a mix or an ice in your bag so we were talking about the different spare game options with the mix and the ice and we forgot about you know the beautiful the clear storm white smear ball so Chad tell us a little bit about this I think yes / had something that resembled this for a long time right he did yeah this was brought back by popular demand the clear Polly’s super sharp looking ball a catch the eye they look good and interestingly enough bet and so what this bowling ball is a lot smaller than what it looks if you were to if we’re at a not poor cover on it it’d only be about that big really that bear is so make sure you check out stone bowling calm goofy bowling calm storm nation on all social media platforms make sure you like and subscribe to Chad’s personal pages to be there’s quite a bit on social media so again thanks everyone for tuning in and a rotor grip fans were here at the rotor grip and storm booth at Bowl Expo 2018 and I found this big guy here router slim hi okay there you go no so thanks for taking the time with us yesterday at the product showcase absolutely the hustle line has been a really good staple for pro shops all across the country the hustle link and the hustle hybrid talk to us a little bit about the idea behind the hustle and you know why it’s been such a a new staple and pro shops everywhere for performance wise it was realistic is that HP one or the low entry there’s always been you know you want something that’s kind of on the miles the comments were always can you make something a little bit more and finally I went to Hank one day I said you know what screw it let’s make it a little bit more so we started putting some parts together and we got sometimes a little bit lower on G and I’ll see it was in being competing with our competitors getting something cuz some of them in that price point they’ve got even lower our G than than what we have right let’s performance unlike anything else in the fact of you know for most people it’s a play off of like a 92 you know it’s the ants that step down off of that or there’s some people I’ve rented some pro shops and even customers they go oh hey I love the house link I’ve got three of them I got a whole bag I got one i sanded down with a big hole I got one pin up with no hole and I got one pin up with a hole but you’re bullying insanity that’s got some friction it’s a great before absolutely gratitude from a Pro Shop standpoint build an arsenal somebody comes and said hey I need to get a couple balls if they only got a certain amount of money to spend or they’re looking at you know again the lane surface or conditions or whatever this actually gives someone option to go oh I’ll get you in an ink and I’ll get you an HIV to sink or two totally different reactions based on the cover my thing is having the versatility side to side on the line and also top to bottom so [Music] 8900 global fans mark booth a year from buffa distribution with the entire team of nine under global you guys have a brand new product line coming out on your new to me yeah how long you been six months okay so we got some big guns here you got two new balls this is the new after-dark series this is a good complement from the boost series the boost has been a tremendous staple for everyone back home in Canada great product great performance product but from talking with Wes at the BIE he was saying that there was a little bit of a gap there underneath the boot sometimes was too much bow so what can we expect when that booth starts getting to dumpy up the spot change one of these you should be good to go so you got a solid version here in a pearlized version some get some more smooth on this one yes Pauline so again great options from my nürnberg logo as we said the the after-dark series complements the boost great entry-level product check it out in your local crush shop so we’re here at the 900 global booth with Dale Gardner at the products showcase we showcased all the new products one of the products that we had shortly mentioned that the product showcase was boost we weren’t able to throw boost that the proto showcase but we got a couple here so obviously boost has been a tremendous part of the line great performing product from the price point right right better entry level walls on the market right this is your higher end spectrum of the entry level line right yes so talk to us a little bit about boost as 43 cover just it’s a great entry-level ball and we’ve got them in different cover stocks that we’ve got pearls we’ve got hybrids so we’ve got something out there for everybody yeah and off and obviously like we had mentioned at the products showcase the after-dark basically complements this this being more of the hooking rock type entry-level product after cart being a little bit less hierarchy and a little less different ring so make sure you copy up a boost get a bit more hook more bang for your buck exhale [Music]