10 School Games That Will Take You Back To Childhood

10 School Games That Will Bring Out The Child
In You Do you know how much humans have become dependent
on technology in the past decade or so? You don’t have to scratch your heads for
this, just look at the kids around you. Their idea of play revolves around gadgets
or smartphones to be more precise. Back in the day we played in the streets or
parks with our friends, running around and falling over! Today we’d call that an old world charm
because today’s generation has forgotten about such games. Don’t you think we should bring that idea
back? We’ll be telling you about some games that
will take you back to your childhood. It’s gonna be one hell of a trip, so hold
tight! Number 10. Marble pond
This one’s a bit messy but that makes it all the more fun! So a tub or a toy swimming pool is filled
with water and several colorful marbles are tossed into it. The game is simple, all the participants have
one minute’s time and the one who gets the maximum number of marbles out of the water
is declared the winner! Now the rush for the marbles and splashing
of water makes it messy so taking the tub out into a lawn is a better idea and probably
more fun. Number 9. Run and statue
How many times did you admire the beauty of a statue? Don’t answer that because we aren’t focusing
on the grace that sculptures exude but the point here is a game that kids used to play. This one’s simple and energetic! By toss or mutual consent one person goes
first and plays statue while the rest of the kids are running all over the place. So as soon as the word ‘statue’ is said,
the runners have to stop immediately. The one who moves even slightly will be out. There are variations of this game where the
statues might be forced to laugh or move but without touching them! In case you are playing this game with your
kids, you’d probably not want to be one of the runners! Number 8. Dog and the bone
Funny name that is but it totally suits the game because the greed with which a dog rushes
towards a bone is seen in this game. The rules are pretty simple, the kids are
divided into two teams and they are separated by about 10m. A circle is drawn in the middle and an object
is placed in this circle, it could be a ball or a hanky. Now one member from each team comes to the
circle and tries to get this “bone” first and go back to his team. Whichever kid is able to do it, wins the round
and at the end the winners from the teams are counted and the team with the most winners
is declared the champion! Number 7. Traffic on the road
Pretend play is always fun and taking this form of play beyond the boundaries of the
house is even more fun! So this game is about pretending to be cars
and pedestrians, interesting. Keeping a minimum of 3-4 players, the game
includes one kid who plays the cop and other kids can play the car or even a pedestrian
and follow commands from the cop who directs traffic and stops vehicles to let pedestrians
go and vice versa. Handmade traffic lights can also be used to
add more structure in the game. But do you know what the best part of this
game is? It doubles as a practical class of traffic
rules! Number 6. I sent a letter to my father
This game was an integral part of our childhood and we still aren’t over it. It was one of those outdoor games in which
people from different age groups could participate. So a group of kids would sit in a circle closing
their eyes while one kid runs around the circle holding the letter or rather a hanky. They kids would sing, “I sent a letter to
my father, all the way I dropped it. Somebody came and picked it up and put it
in his pocket”. During this the person would drop the hanky
on anyone kid and tap him on the shoulder to let him know. Now this kid would pick up the hanky and try
to catch the person before he gets a chance to sit down in the circle at this kid’s
place. If he manages to sit down, the other kid with
the hanky would now take the turn and drop the hanky. The game would continue till the kids are
hella tired! Number 5. Limbo in the garden
Interesting, fun and challenging- that’s how you describe this game. On 2 poles about a meter apart a string is
tied. Kids have to cross the rope from under it,
tummy side up and without letting any part of their body touch the rope. You generally start with placing the rope
at the level of the kid’s neck and gradually lowering it to make it tougher with every
round till it becomes impossible to do it. Now that’s what you call a test of flexibility! Number 4. Group into a number
Mix outdoor fun with math and you get this game! The kids have to move in a circle while an
adult watches them and says a number. The players have to group themselves in the
number leaving the extras out who are then eliminated. The game resumes and every time a number is
said, kids form the group and more kids are eliminated till we have the 2 winners! Kids learn about numbers while having a play
session! Number 3. Tap the shoe
This one is very interesting and does not need any real running around so you may want
to join the kids in their fun! All the participants form a circle and tap
on the shoes of the person standing next to them. This sounds just too easy, right? Wait, there are rules! So the kids cannot leave the spot while tapping
and also cannot touch the other person with any other body part. The person who gets their foot tapped is eliminated
and the game continues till there is one is declared the winner! That sounds like the next picnic game, yay! Number 2. Cat and mouse chase
The simplest outdoor game that all of us have played is the cat and mouse chase. Within a group of kids one kid is selected
by toss or mutual decision to catch the others who are running everywhere in the park. The one who gets caught first will now catch
the others. This game can continue till eternity or till
the parents call out and the curfew begins! Number 1. Tug of war
Would you believe us if we told you that tug of war was once a part of the Olympics? Okay now that lasted for only 20 years between
1900 and 1920 but it still is a big deal! Kids are divided into two teams and each team
holds one end of a long and strong rope. The teams try to pull the rope towards themselves
and in the end whichever team succeeds in it, win the game, simple! This game is a great way of building physical
strength and dexterity in addition to inculcating team spirit in the kids! Do you know of any more interesting school
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