✔ Minecraft: Another 10 Things Old Players Remember

10 ANOTHER THINGS OLD PLAYERS REMEMBER In this video, I’ll once again go back to an old version and show you some things that get me nostalgic! :I You might dislike running into redstone running into redstone if you’re not the type of player that uses it. However, in earlier versions you wouldn’t be alone. In fact, most people hated it. 😮 Back when I started playing, redstone took forever to mine, even with good pickaxes. Old players will probably remember having several chests only containing food items.. This was because food items weren’t stackable, which meant they would take up a lot of space.. This also made cooking your food very time-consuming. It also meant you had to seriously consider the amount of food you carried out for adventures! The old health system. Simple: Eat=more HP . There are many sound effects I miss, but forgot to mention in the other video. The door sound effect is one of them.. The arrow landing another, as well as the previously mentioned ‘ouw’ sound effect! :] “Dang it, not quite enough fence..” “It’s getting dark though, better go mine.” THE NEXT DAY “Who did this?!” As the poor player knew, all mobs could trample crops simply by walking on them. This is no longer the case, as mobs nowadays only trample from a fall or jump. “You know who did this, sheep?” lol :] You could also trample your soil simply by walking on it.. However, this could be avoided by sneaking on the farm land.. While on the topic of farms; you didn’t have fence gates! This meant that each player had their own way of getting in and out of their fenced areas. :] This led to some pretty creative solutions, because mobs shouldn’t be able to walk in. There were no brightness setting in the early days of Minecraft.. This made the game a lot scarier and torches felt more important. Some mobs have changed drops. Zombies used to drop feathers.. The main menu looked different, as well as the Minecraft logo. You couldn’t name worlds and only have up to 5. Mobs were once easier to fool, as their AI was simpler. They basically just walked towards you. This usually lead to what I called zombie parties.. :] [Music Starts]