Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes

>>CineFix Host: Say what you will about action movies but there is something special about two people trying to beat the [BLEEP] out of each other on screen. These are the top ten fight scenes of all time.>>[MUSIC]>>Trinity: Run Neo, run.>>[MUSIC]>>Trinity: What is he doing?>>Morpheus: He’s beginning to believe.>>CineFix Host: Starting us off at number ten, the original Matrix. While […]

Family Game Night

Every Thursday my family and I go to the local bowling alley where we try to satisfy the eternal hunger of The Mouth. Well, I do anyway. All my parents do is make The Mouth angry by knocking its teeth out, so The Mouth got revenge one time by eating my sister, the girl you, uh, saw in the video […]

Ready Player One Song | Victorious | Divide w/FabvL, JT Music & #NerdOut (Unofficial Soundtrack)

Tiempo Y Espacio Un Lugar Sagrado Mantente En Un Estado Alerta , Del Peso Del Mundo Eso Nos Sostiene Rebelión En Primera Línea Desencadena Prepárate Ahora Es El Momento Canta Guerreros No Retrocederemos Hasta Que Todos Salgamos Victoriosos Yo Soy El Elegido Me Han Matado, No Tengo Cuerpo Hemos Sido Vencidos El Mundo Esta Frió Y Entumecido Escapo De Lo […]

Ready Player One | Copper Key Race

Aech, are you seeing this? Yeah, I see it. That’s Kaneda’s bike from Akira. It’s a licensed skin over a standard frame. No, not the bike. Forget the bike. The girl, I think it’s Art3mis The Art3mis? The Sixer Fixer? I’ve seen all her walk-throughs, her Twitch streams. It’s her. It’s defiantly her. Go, go, go! Get there! Come on! […]